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Allout Cycling

Allout cycling is the perfect mix between sports performance and adventure, cycling is constantly evolving, as are the needs and ambitions of the athlete.
They are fitness trainers with extensive experience in ultra cycling and adventure cycling events, training athletes of all levels.
If you want to know them better, you can consult their website or Instagram.

Get ready with Allout Cycling

With your registration for the La Cabra or Lo Flamenc distance, you can benefit from a free Training Plan, specific to your distance, courtesy of Allout Cycling, in addition, if you want an upgrade or individualize your Training Plan according to your needs , don’t hesitate to consult the rest of their services as well.
We are sure that they are the best option to accompany you on your preparation journey to achieve your goals and/or to help you achieve your sporting challenges. If you are registered for the distance Lo Manoll, La Garba or Lo Cabrit and are interested in advice, do not hesitate to contact the Allout Cycling team.
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Access to the Training Plan

Start your preparation for the great La Cabra or Lo Flamenc challenge now!
Access to the Training Plan of the Training Peaks Platform (Recommended start date January 1st): Here 
Promo Code 100%: (In the email confirming your registration)
Access to the Training Plan of the Training Peaks Platform (Recommended start date December 4th): Here
Promo Code 100%: (In the email confirming your registration)

PROMOTION 2024: 1 Free Month of Allout Cycling personalized training!

In 2024, our Allout Cycling coaches will have a promotion for all those registered at any distance from La Garba.
Enjoy 1 month of free personalized training from Allout Cycling, to enjoy the offer, simply contact the email and provide the name, surname, registration number and promotional code: UNLOCKYOURPOTENTIAL*
Start the preparation for the big challenge La Garba 2024!

*Promotion subject to permanence of 3 months, payment of 2 months for advance and 3 months of training, starting from the 4th month if you wish to continue with Allout Cycling, the monthly payment by direct debit will be applied in the bank.