L'Ampolla (Delta de l'Ebre)


LO MANOLL 83k +60m

LA GARBA 123k +80m

LO CABRIT 130k +1550m

LA CABRA 226k +3920m

LO FLAMENC 343k +5410m

LO VOLTOR 500k +8000m

What is SB Hotels La Garba about?

La SB Hotels La Garba is a sporting proposal that aims to give you the opportunity to discover the Terres de l’Ebre through cycling. Enjoy the emotion of pedalling in a territory declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2013!

There are up to five routes with different distances and elevation gain (approximately: 83k +60m, 123k +80m, 130k +1550m, 226k +3920m, 343k +5410m and 500k +8000m), starting and finishing in the Ebro Delta and designed for Gravel bikes (e-bikes and MTB also have a place). Routes are not physically marked, the route is followed with GPS.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know the Ebro Delta Natural Park and the Ports Natural Park through cycling, and do it by surprise, as the routes will not be made public until a few days before the event to ensure a pure and authentic spectacle!

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LO CABRIT (130k +1550m)

60€ Until 31/10/2023
70€ Until 31/12/2023
80€ Until 21/03/2024

LA CABRA (226k +3920m)

80€ Until 31/10/2023
90€ Until 31/12/2023
100€ Until 21/03/2024

LO FLAMENC (343k +5410m)

90€ Until 31/10/2023
100€ Until 31/12/2023
110€ Until 21/03/2024

LO MANOLL (83k +60m)

40€ Until 31/10/2023
50€ Until 31/12/2023
60€ Until 21/03/2024

LA GARBA (123k +80m)

50€ Until 31/10/2023
60€ Until 31/12/2023
70€ Until 21/03/2024

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